A Special Way to Accent Your Home

You can accent your home flooring with beautiful silk rugs. Because previously, these elaborate rugs and “Persian” carpets were handmade and took so much time to produce, they were so costly only the very wealthy could afford them. Today, however, almost anyone can afford to purchase distinctive machine made silk rugs to accent or use to make a statement about their home.Area Rugs-ProductShot1

Silk has a higher tensile strength than nylon. These rugs are woven in a range of line grades from 300 to 720 and the tighter the weave, the more durable the carpet or rug. The majority of silk rugs are still produced in the Middle and Far East.

The quality and price of silk rugs is determined by knot count. Less expensive today, silk rugs and carpets are popular because of their uniqueness, stunning lustrous looks and flamboyant patterns. They are ideal for homes that like to make an exotic style statement.

Silk rugs are delicate floor pieces which should not be used in high traffic areas. They are used more as accent carpets, floor decor and throw rugs. They are also popular as wall hangings. Silk rugs and carpets require careful maintenance. Cleaning should only be performed by a professional cleaner.

Please Remove Your Shoes

Dirt, dust and other grime wear down all kinds of flooring. Shoes worn outside pick up various elements that stick to the shoes themselves or in the crevices of the shoes and can wear down carpeting and mar other types of flooring. Sharp edges on heels or shoes can also catch, snag, scratch and pit flooring.

Most carpeting today is soft and susceptible to absorbing dirt and other grunge that is tracked onto it from the outside. If not removed it can be ground into the carpet and stain it as constant traffic presses it into the fibers.

Though tile and stone are usually resistant to grime and dirt, the grout between the tiles is like a magnet pulling it in. This same dust and grime can form an abrasive layer on hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring that can scratch and dull these floors. Winter weather, snow, rain, mud and water are another major enemy to almost every flooring surface.

Though it may not be typical to remove your shoes when entering your own home, or as a guest in another’s home, by removing your shoes you can make you flooring last longer.

Area Rugs – Multipurpose of Fashion and Function

Your home décor can be cleverly enhanced by using area rugs. Like putting together a new wardrobe, area rugs can tie the look of a room together, add a touch of warmth and color or define separate spaces.

Area rugs come in all shapes, textures, colors and sizes to serve a wide variety of functions. No matter the various types of flooring in your home area rugs provide an easy way to express your taste and style and can be used effectively as a means of linking rooms. Depending on your own personal choices, area rugs can vary from subtle to wild or simple to extravagant.

There really are no rules when choosing an area rug. Selection should be based on your own likes and dislikes. No permanent installation makes life easy but with large rugs you may have to move some furniture. Maintaining beautiful area rugs depends on specific usage as well as its construction material.

The amount of care needed to help maintain the beauty of these rugs will vary according to rug’s material and construction as well as the specific usage. The first rule of choosing an area rug is to understand there really are no rules per se. Since much of the selection process is based on your own personal taste and sense of style, we simply offer some general guidelines instead.

There are some guiding principles that may help you in choosing what will work for you. If you’re looking at getting a room size rug consider leaving an 18″ to 24″ border on all sides. In the dining area, give yourself at least 4 feet longer and wider than the dining room table so chairs when pushed back from the table don’t fall off the rug. In the hall, your rugs should be around 2″ to 4″ narrower and 18″ to 24″ shorter than the hallway. For a coordinated look consider using some common colors with different patterns. Think about using round or oval shapes as a way to bring new life into a room rather than traditional square or rectangular rugs.

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